lizhand (lizhand) wrote in theinferior4,

Here If You Need Me

My friend and next-door neighbor (she and her husband, the artist Siem Van der Ven, live in the field behind us with their six kids) Kate Braestrup's memoir, Here if You Need Me, has gotten fantastic media attention — wonderful reviews, TV coverages, excerpts in O Magazine, you name it.

And with good reason. Kate is an ordained minister and the Maine Warden Service's first chaplain, but her own life story begs to be made into a movie (and no doubt will be). Here's a local news item that sums it up pretty well, plus there are nice pix of Kate herself.

Kate's not a tyro writer — her first novel came out in 1990 — and it's the purity of her prose style as much as her remarkable story and insights that got me at One. Check it out.

-- posted by Liz Hand
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