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Sixties Novels, Part 30

MOONBABIES, Eric Jay, Midwood, 1970

And a bonus back cover!

One aspect of Sixties fiction we haven't touched on yet is the explosion of pornography.

For many years prior to the Swinging Sixties, softcore paperbacks had been surrepetitiously available. But with the loosening of literary censorship, sleazy erotic novels became hardcore and more overtly for sale. This could lead to masterpieces like the Essex House novels of Philip Jose Farmer. But for the most part, these items were disposable one-handed entertainment.

Midwood Books was one of the leaders in the field. Writing at incredible rates of speed, Robert Silverberg and Lawrence Block, among many others, produced work for them under pen-names. Perhaps "Eric Jay" is really Silverberg or Block!

The title of this volume, I like to think, stems from Kubrick's 2001, although there seems, on first glance, to be no SF content in the book. That trippy image of the astral fetus was too potent to ignore. But maybe not. Maybe it's just Age of Aquarius astrology talk.

Today, there's a band named the Moonbabies.

Even though this new style of porn used all the rough-edged common terms for sexual organs and intercourse, there was still a hangover from an earlier age, insofar as a lot of "rapiers," "sconces" and "sticks of dynamite" went into many a "loveplace."

And of course, video and internet porn has effectively killed this medium today.

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