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Short Story: "Cat Pictures Please"

“Cat Pictures Please” by Naomi Kritzer is a very sweet story.  Not coincidentally, it’s also the only story in this category not nominated by Puppies, mad, bad, sad, or otherwise.  It was added to the ballot after a Rabid Puppy choice, Thomas A. Mays’s “The Commuter,” was withdrawn by the author.

An AI that becomes conscious muses about its purpose, and reads science fiction to help it discover its place in the world.  It finally decides that Asimov’s Law about “not allowing a human being to come to harm through inaction” can be broadened to allow it to actively help humans.  But what happens when a human doesn’t want to be helped?

Like I said, very sweet.  It’s sort of a shame that I read it so early in the process — I just know I’m going to need something like this as I make my way through the rest of ballot.

And on a personal note — What about dog pictures???

Tags: cat pictures please, hugo awards, naomi kritzer, short story
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