paulwitcover (paulwitcover) wrote in theinferior4,

Be Seeing You

Ever wish that you could visit the Village, the mysterious locale where Patrick McGoohan is imprisoned on the old TV series The Prisoner?

You can!

My friend Chris Schelling told me a while back about a wedding weekend he attended there, and tomorrow's New York Times has a great article about the Village . . . or Portmeiron, as it's rightfully called, the brainchild of Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, a self-taught architect.

I visited myself back in 1979, in the dead of winter. It's apparently been spruced up quite a bit since then! Williams-Ellis's grandson, Robin Llwelyn, is the managing director of the corporation that runs the Village: he's the real Number 1. And he's also a fantasy writer, interestingly enough.

posted by Number 3 . . . PaulW, that is!
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