lucius_t (lucius_t) wrote in theinferior4,


I've been trying to make a long post for several days, but the computer I'm on has defective spyware that keeps shutting me down...thus the grr...

Maybe Monday.

Meanwhile, I'm getting CNN America Under Attack flashbacks watching the various anchors try to conduct grief over the collapsed bridge into a McFeeling...guess it wasn't deemed worthy of its own title and theme music.

Had a dream about London, where I was for a few days--it took the form of a graphic novel entitled Soddingham.  On the cover was a tube platform where several overweight binge-drinkers were ralphing onto the tracks, and everyone else was sitting on benches reading the new Harry Potter...or Harry Potter Cliff Notes.  Not fair, surely...but then being fair is so boring.  As a citizen of a country in decline, I've a right to slander everyone... ;)

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