lucius_t (lucius_t) wrote in theinferior4,

I wonder why Nick Cave and David Lynch have never hooked up. They seem a natural pairing, one difference being that I like Cave, whereas I'm not a Lynch fan. I appreciated Eraserhead, but found it terribly derivative. I genuinely loved Blue Velvet, genuinely detested Wild at Heart. Mulholland Drive was a lot of pretty pictures and sinister decadent atmosphere in the service of telling us, what...? That Hollywood (and by extension, the world) is a big sexy nightmare full of people with identity issues? Wow, what a shocker. Inland Empire marks Lynch's descent into total wankery. I read one critic who described it as the truest picture of dread ever put on if that meant something.

I think where Lynch went wrong was during Twin Peaks. I think his ego outgrew his talent and he started believing that midgets and non sequiters and any old thing that came into his head were profound. He might have made some great movies, but ended up being a cultural oddity, America's Top Surrealist.

There's one guy, whose judgments on film I respect in most instances, who swears by Lynch (which is weird,because he doesn't like surrealism), so I'm going to have another look at Inland Empire. Maybe I'll discover something...some key to appreciating the movie.
Maybe not. Anyway, I like Nick Cave.
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