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Duan Surk

Duan what?

Duan Surk is a series of Japanese mangas illustrated novels by Mishio Fukazawa. English versions are coming out in this country from TokyoPop, and I have the pleasure of adapting them, which does not involve "putting it onto a piece of wood and banging a few nails through it," the Gumby method of literary adaptation, but rather working from achingly literal translations that are at times almost like a foreign language themselves. The third novel in the series, Black Knights of the Silver-Gray Castle, has just come out. It's available at amazon, along with the previous two volumes, Witches' Forest and The Two-Headed Wizard. They are light-hearted fantasies suitable for readers from nine or ten upward into the teens, and they were a lot of fun to adapt, even if I didn't get to use a hammer! On volumes one and two, I worked with the multi-talented Janet Harvey.

"A great fantasy adventure that is fun, exciting, and laugh-out-loud funny."

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