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Sixties Novels, Part 41

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SHARDS OF GOD, Ed Sanders, Grove, 1970

Coincidentally, after Lucius spoke up recently in favor of politically engaged fiction, the very next book in my series of Sixties posts proves to be an example of that exact mode. Certainly not all Sixties novels partook equally of the political turmoil, but this one certainly did.

Ed Sanders and his career are pretty well known. For the details, visit Wikipedia.

This was his first novel, and certainly seems upon cursory inspection to be a playful, proto-postmodern one, as it incorporates real people into its tale and uses various metatextual tricks. Sanders speaks disparagingly of it in this interview:

But any novel is bound to be interesting and entertaining if the opening sentence of the "Author's Introduction" reads: "I have writen this book to further the implantation of the Sharing City of Spirit-Mammals on planet Earth."

Rudy Rucker might be the World's Last Yippie, and I get a definite Rucker buzz from this book.

Ah, the Yippies!

Where are they now, when we need them for Election 2008?!?

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