lucius_t (lucius_t) wrote in theinferior4,

I don't know if any of you've read my short novel, Colonel Rutherford's Colt, so I'll tell you a bit about it. It's about a dealer in guns--infamous guns, mostly--named Jimmy Guy and his common law wife, Rita Whitelaw, a Indian woman. Jimmy has a weird relationship with his guns. He makes up stories about them and sometimes these stories...well, let's say that they sort of take him over. Rita feeds off his stories and not in a good way. I'd describe them as being serialists. Anyhow, the two Brit actors above have signed on to play Jimmy and Rita in a movie to be filmed in early 2009. A small indie production, but still cool. Indira, the woman, is going to have to look a lot rougher than she does in this picture, but she assures me that she can do it. Accents won't be a problem. Don't know yet where it will be filmed. Europe, possibly....if I can make some changes in the story.

You can click on the pictures and they get bigger.
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