lucius_t (lucius_t) wrote in theinferior4,


Really interesting article on photography on this blog by Errol Morris, and some interesting responses. Liz, you seen this?

I just finished the DVD of a five-part mini-series that I believe is playing on HBO at present: Five Days. Excellent stuff. A missing woman and her kids, a criminal enterprise, lots of psychological interplay--it's the kind of thing the Brits do very well. I found the ending a bit wanting, but you're left wishing there was more--always a good sign. This was a 2005 BBC series. The DVD is for sale on Amazon UK.

Has anyone seen Summer Heights High, a faux-reality show about the day-to-day of an Aussie public school. I think it's funny as hell. I found half a dozen episodes on Youtube. Here's the trailer:

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