lizhand (lizhand) wrote in theinferior4,

"Trust your editor and you'll sleep on straw"

So read an embroidered pillow in John Cheever's possession. Now Tess Gallagher, widow of renowned "minimalist" Raymond Carver, wants to republish some of her late husband's most acclaimed work, the stories from "What We Ta;k About When We Talk About Love," in their original, unedited form. I had read the 1998 NY Times Magazine article that outed Gordon Lish, Carver's editor at Knopf, for his heavy hand in pruning these stories. Gary Fiskejon at Knopf is (for good reason) against the repblication (so was Binky Urban, Carver's former agent). And while some of the original stories appeared during Carer's lifetime, it would be fascinating (at least) to compare the two versions.

A loaded issue, considering the extent of Carver's reputation and influence upon American fiction in the last thirty-odd years. Carver seemed uncomfortable with the minimalist monoculture that rose up in his wake — for good reason, it seems.
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