lizhand (lizhand) wrote in theinferior4,

Hey Ho I'm Gone

I'm off shortly to Reykjaik, there to ponder the great & eternal question, namely, can an unreconstructed middle-aged NY punk find rock & roll nirvana for five days in a cold sunless city filled with music-lovers half her age? Anyone out there attending the Airwaves festival will find me at the Hotel Fron in full Scary Neary drag — scuffed ostrich leather cowboy boots, frayed black cashmere sweater, old peacoat (my black leather jacket's uncomfortable for long hauls), etc. etc. All certain to be insufficient to keep me warm and dry in Iceland, but hey, that's what it's all about. I'm traveling sans cellphone or laptop, though I've got a camera (35 mm, natch), but will try to post here if/when I find myself by a cybercafe.

I'm psyched about the bands, all 250 of 'em. Bound to be something great in there. Some biggish US/UK stuff like Blob Party, !!!, Grizzly Bear, Deerhoof. But I'm especially stoked at the thought of hearing some Scandinavian new music in its native, or nordic, home. Ya'll be good, hear?

-- posted by Liz Hand
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