lucius_t (lucius_t) wrote in theinferior4,

30 Days of Crud

Went to see 30 Days of Night today. As the title of this post implies, I didn't like it. There are a few visually interesting scenes, but essentially the director really doesn't take advantage of the setting (Barrow, Alaska) or the circumstance (it's gonna be night for a month), and all this stuff about the movie and the graphic novel upon which it's based presenting a new vision of the vampire...Let me make a rude noise and scoff at the notion. These are the same animalistic vampires who've been around forever as ancillary figures to the main vampires, the young vampires who haven't learned to be cool and have British accents, or whatever. As a matter of fact, there's not very much difference between these vampires and the amped-up zombies in Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later. Their main opposition in town is Sherriff Josh Hartnett (ooh...scary Josh!) and so it's only natural to have a rooting interest in the vampires. Characters are sketchy, so you don't connect with them emotionally and thus (except in the case of Josh Hartnett) you don't care whether they live or die. It's exceptionally gory, needlessly so, and does nothing to expand or illuminate the vampire mythos.

Now if you want to see a movie about vampires operating in winter above the Arctic Circle, I recommend the Swedish film, Frostbitten, a film antedating the graphic novel on which 30 Days of Night was based that employs the same concept though to a different end. It's a black comedy set in a village in Lapland and several people, including an attractive Goth girl, start to figure out that there are vampires in the village. It, too, is bloody, but the bloodshed is nowhere near as gratuitous as in 30 Days, and it's a much better movie. I believe a Region 1 DVD is now available or will be in a matter of weeks.
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