lucius_t (lucius_t) wrote in theinferior4,

This Can't Be Good

I was shopping online for kids toys and found this truly horrid item:

"Give your little girl a place of her own, with this fabric-covered playhouse that gives little imaginations a place to roam free. Standing just over four feet tall, this cottage has double-sided fabric walls to help little homemakers feel right at home, complete with windows, a Dutch door and chimney. When it’s time to prepare pretend meals, the durable fiberboard stove has knobs that really turn and an oven door that opens! Playing “house” in the ROSE PETAL Cottage lets your little girl build her very own home – and her imagination! – right in your living room!"

Make sure you play the videos.

That can't build imagination for little girls, can it? It would seem to do the opposite.
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