Paul Di Filippo (pgdf) wrote in theinferior4,
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Lately, thanks to the agitation of Warren Ellis, there's been a bit of discussion online about the allegedly stale and outdated look and marketing strategies of most surviving genre magazines, and how that contributes to their declining circulations. Visit Warren's site for various posts and links:

I thought it might be useful in this discussion to remember the classic NEW WORLDS, which sought to break out and stand out of a similar state of affairs. Here's the cover of one of the few issues I own, Number 189. The art is by the famed Mervyn Peake, illustrating Ellison's "A Boy and His Dog." Hardly looks like anything around today, does it?

[Click to enlarge]

This scan, BTW, is courtesy of the great Visco site run by Terry Gibbons. If you want hours of eye-candy, please visit:

And here's an interior illo, by Richard Glyn Jones:

[Click to enlarge]

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