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Sixties Novels, Part 41

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THE NIGHTCLERK, Stephen Schenck, Grove, 1965.

Perhaps the most memorable thing about this entry in our series is the great cover by Frank Springer.

This book represents the author's debut novel which won a big literary prize and appears to have been a minor flavor-of-the-month sensation.

Here's one fellow's disappointing experience trying to read this faded absurdist satire:

Apparently, though, the book retains some fans, as seen here:

In any case, Schneck's early triumph was prime setup for a letdown.

His next book, NOCTURNAL VAUDEVILLE, didn't appear until 1971, and apparently dropped with a thud.

So he turned to scripting forgettable movies and TV shows:

And he died early, at age 63.

Today, you can have a first edition of THE NIGHTCLERK for $3.94 on ABEBOOKS.

Posted by Paul DiFi.
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