March 24th, 2007


The Inferior 4 is Elizabeth (Liz) Hand, Paul Di Filippo, Paul Witcover, and Lucius Shepard.  We are all writers and book (and film) reviewers, and we bid you welcome to our LJ page.  You cam expect from us a moderate amount of shameless promotion, perhaps even an immoderate amount at times, but otherwise there'll be talk about writing and movies and books and music and publishing and God knows what else.  As we become more proficient in using LJ, pictures and other material will be posted.  The Plus 1 of our name refers to the fact that at times our less-than-supergroup will invite certain luminaries to post on the page--imagine Helen Mirren, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Lars Von Trier, Yo Yo Ma, and then think down from there.   Way, way down.  Whatever, we hope you'll enjoy the time you spend here.  And always remember, if you strive and push, if you sweat and work your fingers to the bone, no matter the odds, you too can be inferior.
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