April 19th, 2007

Generation Loss Podcast

The podcast of Generation Loss is now live.


Many  MANY thanks to everyone who posted suggestions about this -- it helped immensely, and I'm very grateful to this farflung but warm community for all the help you've given me,

The book has now officially been published (as of April 16) and is making its way to booksellers -- shipping was slightly delayed by the bad weather in the Northeast.  I'll be doing quite a bit of touring next month in New England and the Mid-Atlantic, and will post that info in the next few weeks -- I hope to see some of you and catch up in person when I do! 
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Fairy Tales for Writers

I've long suspected that my life as a writer involved the stuff of fables--malign giants barring my passage into major publishing houses, talking harps (that's bottles of Harp lager), the magical ability to understand the arcane language of editors--and now I have my suspicions confirmed, thanks to a neat chapbook by Lawrence Schimel, FAIRY TALES FOR WRITERS.

In these poems, Schimel draws sly and witty comparisons between the lives of anonymous, representative modern authors and several famous legends. Ever felt like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, as you sit contemplative at your keyboard? Then this volume will definitely affirm your intuitions.

Visit the publisher's website for more information: http://amidsummernightspress.typepad.com/

And live happily everafter!