April 25th, 2007

Signing Sheet Blues

Signed about a gazillion signature pages for a limited edition today.  The signature, which in the beginning had a discernable L, U, S, P, and even, in a few instances, legible Es, came at the end to look like a seismograph reading with a couple of major spikes.  Signing one’s name all day does more damage to the brain than slurping up toxins.  Your head goes strange places.  One of the places my head went today was to a television talk show called at various times either Sci Fi Tonight or The Dave Truesdale Show (both versions had the same theme music, a sprightly tune composed entirely of belches).  Following a mesmerizing opening monologue entitled Why I Am Not A Sexist, You Stupid C---s (for an explanation of this title and a sampling of our host’s effervescent wit and compelling logic, go here: http://www.nightshadebooks.com/discus/messages/378/7738.html?1177547341 ), Truesdale brought on his first guest, Marleen Barr, author of the novel, Yo, Pioneer, and a Sci Fi Tonight regular, known for her delightfully eccentric commentaries, Marleen Describes The World For You.  On this evening’s show, Ms. Barr (who also authored this: http://www.locusmag.com/2007/04Letters.html ), interpreted Hurricane Katrina in terms of her feelings about French New Wave Cinema. 

I feel that SFWA is missing a trick by not marketing its nutters.  How about a reality show based on “The Cold Equations?”  At the end of each episode, someone gets shoved out the airlock by the rest, commanded to do so by the Jeff Probst figure transmitting from base.  The cast possibilities are endless.  Right now I’m envisioning…Never mind.

Four hundred more sheets to sign.