April 26th, 2007

Ground Control to Major Tom

If Liz's recent post about her playlist for Generation Loss got you thinking about compiling playlists of your own, and you happen to be reading this blog from across the Pond, then stop thinking and start doing!

The European Space Agency has launched a contest to find "the ideal playlist for astronauts flying around the Earth in the International Space Station."  According to the ESA site: "The winning playlist will be downloaded onto an iPod and sent to the ISS in ESA’s Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV), which will be making its maiden flight later this year."

I'm bummed that Americans can't enter!  Hey, I was born in Switzerland -- does that count?

Er, no?

Anyway, here's a quick list, in no particular order:

1.  "Space Junk," Devo
2.  "Space Oddity," Bowie (okay, okay; what can I say: I like it!)
3.  "Space is Deep," Hawkwind (from the Space Ritual lp)
4.  "Space Boy," Smashing Pumpkins
5.  "Randy Described Eternity," Built to Spill
6.  "Satellite of Love," Lou Reed
7.  "Bike Ride to the Moon," The Dukes of Stratosphear
8.  "Do You Realize--," The Flaming Lips
9.  "Birdland," Patti Smith
10.  "Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space," Spiritualized