April 28th, 2007

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This the dawning of the Age of Aquarius....

Will we ever experience the Rapture of the Nerds known as the Singularity?

Will Mayan prophecies come true in 2012, bringing the world to an end?

Who knows? Who can predict?

But I can say with a large degree of certainty that a massive harbinger of paradigmatic shiftiness will soon occur.

All four members of the Inferior 4 + 1 will be gathering in July at Readercon:


Can utopia be far behind?
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Jamie Bishop Memorial Service: A Brief Report

On Thursday April 26th, 2007, a crowd of friends and relatives (I estimate approximately 400-600 people) gathered to pay their last respects to Jamie Bishop at the First United Methodist Church of Pine Mountain, Georgia.

In attendance and representing not only themselves but the massed good wishes and condolences of the SF/F/H community were myself, Deborah Newton, Brett Cox, Jeff and Ann VanderMeer, Michael Hutchins, and several other folks I neglected to speak to in the sad swirl of events.

The ceremony was lovely, intimate, and deeply touching. Insofar as any ritual can help alleviate the intense grief brought on by this shooting, this one did.

Mike and Jeri, supported by the presence of so many, are bearing up well, but are understandably exhausted. Their house is full of cards and flowers, but further missives would not go astray:

The Bishops
POB 646
Pine Mountain, GA 31822

A second, more local memorial fund has been started in Jamie's name:

Jamie Bishop Scholarship Fund in Graphic Arts
c/o LaGrange College
601 Broad Street
LaGrange, GA 30240
Designate the name of the fund on your check, should you wish to send a donation.

Accounts of earlier memorial services may be read here:


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M. K. Brown

I first encountered the marvelous cartooning of M. K. Brown


over thirty-five years ago, in the pages of the NATIONAL LAMPOON. Her utterly unique "wiggly" drawing style and her surreal concepts, combined with brilliant non-sequitur scripting, hooked me immediately.

Never a prolific cartoonist, Brown and her work were often hard to find, and I had to go many barren years without a fix.

But now, of course, the internet comes to the rescue! Brown has an official website here:


Visit, and rejoice!