April 29th, 2007

B. Kliban

     Paul's previous post put me in mind of cartooning genius B. Kliban, who achieved fame and fortune via his Cats, but whose work is so, so much more.  

     I discovered Kliban in college, where copious amounts of drugs were invaluable in my comprehension of his weirder pieces.  Kliban was a huge influence on cartoonists like Gary Larson and Roz Chast, among others -- and his best cartoons, in all their bizarre profundity, are like visual zen koans.



If Paul W, Edomor, Colleen, amd Sunpony will send me their addresses at:


I'll send you books.  I'm using elements of your ideas for my paragraph.  I may not get them out immediately, but they will get out.

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Blog of the Rudester

Do you visit Rudy Rucker's blog?


If not, you're missing out on a treat. Just let me mention two recent bits.

Rudy's musings on William Craddock and his Sixties Novel BE NOT CONTENT, (Remember, we'll be covering Craddock's TWILIGHT CANDELABRA here soon.)

And a link to the latest issue of FLURB, a digital SF zine full of new fiction, from Rudy, me, and many others.

Seek ye the gnarl, and live!