May 4th, 2007

If you start driving now ...

... you might reach Maine by tomorrow afternoon, which is when I'll be reading at Gulf of Maine Books in Brunswick.  Gulf of Maine opened in February 1979, and since then has been Maine's majorest independent alternative bookstore.  134 Maine Street, Brunswick, Maine 04011.   207 729 5083. 

Run and managed by real old hippies!  Genuine unapologetic kneejerk liberals!  The kind you only find in Maine these days. 

Or maybe northern California, or New York, or Denver.  Also parts of Minnesota and all of Vermont.  Well, okay, we're everywhere.

But you won't find Maine anywhere else.  The ice is gone (barely) and it was such an endless horrible winter that the blackflies aren't out yet, not really.  Well, not many of them.  My son said he got bit by two yesterday.  But I haven't seen any mosquitoes, and those of you with hay fever needn't worry because absolutely NOTHING is in bloom and there is no greenery anywhere that I can see.   And I just removed the snow tires from the Subaru, another sign of spring.  Or late winter, as we refer to the month of May.

So c'mon up.  Drivetime from NYC is about seven hours, if you stop for lunch.
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A Pynchon Miscellany

I'm currently bogged down in the middle of Thomas Pynchon's new novel, AGAINST THE DAY.

Bogged down not because I don't like it, but because I like it too much.

I can't seem lately to summon up the big untroubled stretches of time I want to devote to it. So I don't read it at all, waiting for a more contemplative, quieter time. With luck, that'll come soon. And this way, I make the book last longer, a prime consideration given the vast interval between Pynchon tomes.

And when I do pick up that book again, I'll know I can turn to the AGAINST THE DAY Wiki for help in parsing any obscure references.

My second reading of GRAVITY'S RAINBOW was aided immeasurably by A GRAVITY'S RAINBOW COMPANION by Steven C. Weisenburger, which just had a new edition late last year:

A masterful work by one man. But how great is it to have the communal annotations up and running concurrent with the new book itself?

Proving that talent runs in families, although not always down similar paths, we next contemplate the scandalous--just scandalous!--career of Tristan Taormino, Pynchon's niece:

And finally, proving that Thomas Pynchon's aversion to publicity does not extend to his son, Jackson, we learn here about Jackson Pynchon's Facebook presence: