May 13th, 2007

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Buddhist Magazines

Anyone with even a cursory interest in Buddhism in all its many manifestations would be well repaid by checking out any of these three magazines, either online or at your local newsstand--assuming you've got a fairly well-stocked and electic one!

I subscribe to all three, and while I know there are other such zines out there, have little experience with them.

if you do, please write and recommend!

TRICYCLE is the NEW YORK TIMES of Buddhist zines, the sometimes overly stodgy and respectful mainstream center and journal of record, featuring all the big names.

The SHAMBHALA SUN carries forward the teachings of the famed master Chögyam Trungpa

but remains open to many other traditions, offering wide coverage of other schools.

Finally, TURNING WHEEL is the official publication of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, a socially engaged organization, and is the zine that most mixes Buddhism, politics and activism.

A Proud Day

Yes, we inferior4 types are feeling just a bit less inferior today thanks to Dumb Bunny, er, Elizabeth Hand, who last night was awarded the Nebula for best short story for "Echo," which you can read here.  The award was accepted by editor Gordon Van Gelder of F&SF, where the story first appeared. 

Congratulations, Liz, on a well-deserved victory!!

And congrats to the other winners and nominees.

More Nebula Pics

Gordon Van Gelder in a suit and tie!!                             Nominee Bill Shunn and Laura Chavoen

Kelly Link, Chris Barzak, Gavin Grant's Good Side     Ellen Datlow and Fleetwood Robbins of Del Rey

Fleetwood, Scott Shannon, Keith Clayton of Del Rey     Nominee Jeffrey Ford and wife Lynn

Ron Hogan of Galleycat and Michael Swanwick          Kim Brown and Yr. Humble Etc.

Me and my Silver Robot Sentinel of Death                   John Douglas, Sheila Williams, Ginjer Buchanan

Bill Shunn, Marc Zicree, Yr. Humble Etc.