May 24th, 2007

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This afternoon I’m off to Vegas for the weekend, covering the UFC card headlined by Quinton “Rampage” Jackson versus Chuck Liddell. I’m going to have a few drinks, mingle with the rich and famous (courtesy of my press credentials), generally pretend to be someone I’m not, and take notes on the fauna in the MGM Grand.

I love big fights and big fight crowds, and this is a big one. The atmosphere is like that of twenty rock concerts jammed into one place, and the weekend plays like a Super Bowl weekend. I’m attending three parties that I know of, including Chuck Liddell’s afterparty, which will be a blowout if he wins, and the UFC official function--both will be stuffed with celebs. A friend who worked in Hollywood told me that being a room full of celebrities is like being in a wax museum or a mortuary, because everyone is wearing make-up and hair dye and they look lifeless. That should be fun to see.

Anyway, I’ll try and send back a couple of between-orgies posts. ;)
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Jacob McMurray

You need to know the work of polymath Jacob McMurray.

Museum curator, visual artist and publisher, Jacob is shepherding into being, in one way or another, much of the most exciting work either centrally or tangentially connected to the fantastical genres we all love. He's definitely one of the Secret Masters of our world.

If you visit Jacob's blog, you'll learn a lot more about his astonishing output.

But you won't see this sneak peek at one of his gorgeous new creations anywhere else right now except here, at the Inferior 4 + 1!

Thanks, Jacob!