May 31st, 2007

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Some of you may know this already--there will be a special Readercon Trade Paper edition of my new short story collection, Dagger Key. It will be priced at 25 bucks, well below the hardback edition, and will not contain the Mieville intro and the story notes. Limited to 50 copies. It'll be in the dealers room.

The best genre film I saw last year (at the Utopiales festival in Nantes) was Norway's The Bothersome Man, the story of a man who commits sucide and finds himself a strange, nightmarish world. Here's a review with which I more or less agree.,0,4207355.story

The Bothersome Man is both a clever, dark satire on social engineering as practiced by the Scandanavians and a compelling personal story. It may be a bit slow for some, but I loved it. It will be released on Region 1 DVD June 26th.

For an interesting discussion of the livejournal pedophilia ring go to Ben Peek's LJ ( ) and check out the last three posts.