June 4th, 2007

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Billy Donovan

Readers, here's a first! One member of the Inferior 4 impersonating another. Superheroes do this all the time, of course, so why not us?

Anyhow, Mr. Shepard is temporarily shut out from posting, but wants the feelings below on record.

From Lucius:

Is that the sound I hear of mme_publisher sinking to her knees and loosing
an aggrieved cry to heaven?

I believe it is. :)

For lo, it appears Billy Donovan, that two-time winning coach of the NCAA
hoops tourney, is NOT going to the pros and will return to the Florida

Joy in Luciusville and other parts of Gatorland.

Sadness in Wilsonville and other portions of that third world country rife
with elephants and rednecks -- I am speaking, of course, of Bamalandia.

Perhaps we can help the poor Bamalandians, set up an aid program, assistance
for the basketball-impaired...so long as they accept our missile systems.

That said, congrats to mme_publisher's Cavs and Godspeed in their quest to
redude the San Antonio Spurious to a handful of foul-smelling dust.


Don't forget, next week marks the debut of the plus 1 segment of our
progamming--Katherine Dunn, the author of that terrific novel, Geek Love,
esteemed journalist and critic, will be our guest-blogger for a week
starting on Monday. So stop by and pester her with questions, if you will.
Say the secret word and...well, we'll let be a surprise.


I really dig the Silver Surfer. My all-time favorite comic book character.
In some alternate plane or dimension, I’ve painted myself silver and
fabricated a surfboard from papier mache, and I’m strolling into the theater
at the head of a gibbering fanboy army. I mean the Surfer, man. Herald of
Galactus, a giant dude in a mauve-and-black power suit who treats planets
like hors d’oeuvres. Owner of an FTL fully chromed board and a body to
match. Talks like he’s carrying a portable reverb unit through which he
intones ominous stuff such as, “All you know is at an end.” Possesses
nearly the same absence of expression and inflection as Clint Eastwood.

How cool is he, huh?

But I'm getting a bad vibe off this movie. No screenings for critics is
always a terrible sign. If they screw this up, if they don't make it at
least tolerable, I'm declaring a fatwa on Hollywood.


Did I mention that thing about Billy Donovan?