June 8th, 2007

I have always been here before

A story in today's Guardian about the great Roky Erickson (who's also the subject of a recent documentary I haven't yet seen).  My dear friend Ben, another Texan and now a member of that great hippie caravan in the sky, used to hang out with Roky in Austin; they shared similar taste in pharmaceuticals but Ben never went en vacances permanent  like Roky did.  (I conflated Ben and Roky, along with some very bad juju neither one of them possessed, to create the character of Denny in Generation Loss.)  Glad Roky finally made it back from his long vacation and is enjoying his ice cream. 

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Dead Media Lives!

It's funny how people contact each other and what they end up bonding over.

I was recently introduced to a fine fellow named Steve Espinola, who happens to share my love of Oxford Memo Books, a lovely supple portable notebook featuring sewn binding rather than metal spiral or glue. I've been using these for over twenty years, and they're addictive. Problem? The maker seems to have discontinued them. Steve and I are reluctantly switching to the trendy and overpriced Moleskines.

But back to Steve, a musician who does bizarro stuff like create a tennis-racket guitar. He's got a website here:


And I'm delighted to learn from it of the existence of "The Secret Society of Lathe Trolls." (Link at Steve's site.)

These folks are keeping the not-quite-dead medium of grooved information alive, by scoring spirals into "picnic plates, chunks of plexiglas, and that page protector on your desk." How wonderful is that!

This reminds me of the well-known fact that in the bad old days of the USSR, amateurs would use discarded X-ray film to produce musical platters. I wonder if anyone collects these Soviet artifacts?

And does anyone but me recall REFLEX magazine, which used to offer a free flexi-disk in each issue?

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Scanners (Don't) Live in Vain!

Yes! I have scanner capability again! All it took was three (count 'em, three!) separate upgrades of my Mac OS.

To celebrate, here's an image continuing our music thread. It's from THE HUMAN FLY #11, a series of which the great SLINGS & ARROWS COMIC GUIDE says, "Considering trying this series about a real-life costumed stuntman? Why? Your oven needs cleaning, doesn't it? And that collapsed bookshelf needs fixing...."

Inevitable Cat Post

Okay, I held out for a respectable time without posting anything about cats, even my own cat, Beamer. 

But now I must cave in, thanks to one J. Perthold, of Germany, who goes into the sung inventor-hero category for his contribution to the secret life of felines:  the catcam!  Here is JP's cat, Mr. Lee, equipped for adventure:

Head over to JP's site, Mr. Lee CatCam, and follow Mr. Lee around the neighborhood.  It is some of the most amazing footage ever seen!

I think there are even a few glimpses of Ulthar!