June 28th, 2007

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An informed citizen is an aroused citizen

Even as you read this post (unless of course you're reading it late at night or on the weekend or any of the many other times Congress isn't working), the very fate of our nation is being debated upon.

I am referring of course to the current proposed legislation overhauling immigration practices, such a vital part of our country's policies.

It behooves every concerned citizen to inform himself or herself as deeply as possible concerning the intricacies of this proposed legislation.

That's why last night Deborah and I watched Russ Meyer's CHERRY, HARRY & RAQUEL!, from 1970.


More erudite than Al Gore, more persuasive than Michael Moore, Meyer and his film illuminate the immigration issues with unforgettable lucidity. Nearly forty years onward, it remains as timely as ever.

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