July 1st, 2007

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Free Damien Broderick novel

One of the best writers of Hard SF with a philosophical slant these days is Damien Broderick, a Texas-dwelling Downunder transplant. He's been serializing a new novel written with his wife Barbara Lamar online, and now the final installment is up. You can enjoy the whole text for free, at the website of the zine COSMOS--but only for the next six months.

Hurry over now!

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A Marvel-ous Past

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Many of you are acquainted with a sober and serious editor of great gravitas, named Scott Edelman, who has helmed such prestigious publications as SCIENCE FICTION AGE and SCIENCE FICTION WEEKLY.

But little did you know that beneath his cultured and sedate exterior, there still beats the heart of a former comic-book juvenile prankster.

As pictured above, in a 1975 CRAZY magazine feature.


His secret identity is revealed at last!

Hey, didn't Neil Young write a song about this?

Time to reset your watch by the Mayan Calendar, kids! While you're at it, start stockpiling Navy Beans — though, if you're like me, you still have some left from Y2K.

That's right – another apocalypse looms on the horizon! This one's scheduled for the year 2012, which gives you plenty of time to learn how to field-dress a javelina and operate that generator you bought after the last big winter storm. In today's NY Times Magazine, Benjamin Anastas reports from the Edge of Forever, interviewing sages such as Jose Arguelles, founder of 1987's Harmonic Convergence. And I guess if we had gotten THAT one right, maybe the world wouldn't be ending, huh?


From the article:

"The post-2012 world will be a world of universal telepathy,” Arguelles wrote me recently from New Zealand, where he has gone to prepare for the transition. Since 1993, when he claims to have received a new prophecy in Hawaii, he has been calling himself Valum Votan, Closer of the Cycle. “We’ll be literally living in a new time,” Arguelles said, “by a 13-month, 28-day synchronometer that will facilitate our telepathy by keeping us in harmony with everything all the time. There will be a lot fewer of us, with simple lifestyles, solar technology, garden culture and lots of telepathic communication.” As for the many who “have not evolved spiritually enough to know that there are other dimensions of reality,” Arguelles predicts they will be taken away in “silver ships.”