July 2nd, 2007

Last bivuoacs

I'm back in New York at last, after almost three weeks traveling through parts south, catching up with friends and family.  My goal of visiting the arm of Stonewall Jackson remained unmet, alas, but I did manage to visit some final resting places of Civil War soldiers.

 This stone marker is from the Glendale National Military Cemetery, located adjacent to the battle of Malvern Hill, which took place 145 years ago yesterday.  This was the final engagement in a string of bloody battles known as the Seven Days Battles, in which Union forces under McClellan, attempting to come at Richmond from the south, were repulsed by Lee's troops.  

 This particular battle, featuring a Confederate charge almost as devastating and foolhardy as Pickett's, ended in a Union victory but nevertheless marked the end of the Peninsula Campaign.  It would be three more years before Union troops again approached Richmond.

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