July 5th, 2007


I'm off in a few hours to Readercon, where I will join the rest of the Inferior 4 for our annual superhero summit. Hope I see some of the rest of you there as well! Then I head to Finland and Finncon, by way of London. My main computer died last week and I'm leaving this one at home rather than subject it to the rigors of travel. So postings here may be spotty for a bit. But I trust you'll all stay busy waiting in line for the last Harry Potter, and then reading it. That Snape, what a villain, eh?

Enjoy high summer!

Up, up, and away!

I too am off for Readercon tomorrow morning, but I will be bringing my laptop and so may try to post "on the fly."

I hope everybody had a great 4th.  Here's a picture of the fireworks over the East River!

Prior to this, I attended a free concert down at Battery Park, where I saw one of my favorite bands, The New Pornographers, whose eagerly awaited fourth album, Challenger, is coming out in August.  The Pornos, as usual, were touring without member Dan Bejar, of Destroyer fame, but fortunately their other "studio-only" member was present: the sublime Neko Case

The band has somehow got the rep of a power pop group, and there is definitely some truth to this, as witness their great Beach Boys-like harmonies and chiming guitars -- but they've always struck me as harder core than that.  And weirder. 

There's also always been a strong sf element to their lyrics -- and the new CD seems to carry on this tradition, judging by the 5 or 6 new songs they played, including the title song, which makes direct reference to the Challengers of the Unknown, a DC comic created and drawn by the great Jack Kirby prior to his work on the Fantastic Four.