July 12th, 2007

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Slipstream literature

One of the more elaborate and well-buttressed panels I participated in at Readercon this past weekend involved an attempt to create a "canon" of Slipstream literature. The panelists involved, besides myself, Paul DiFi, were John Kessel, Cat Valente, Dora Goss, Brett Cox, Ron Drummond, Victoria McManus, and Graham Sleight. Con organizer Eric Van participated heavily as well.

Here's the document we came up with, after the break.

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Plastic fantastic Seuss

Everyone probably recalls Revell model kits from their childhood. Putting together plastic models was once a popular pasttime. I myself recall with fondness assembling this classic Superman kit, which I believe was issued by a rival company, Aurora.

Revell is still around, as you can see if you visit their site.


But I don't think they offer any longer these exceedingly groovy Dr. Seuss kits from nearly fifty years ago.

Maybe it's time to start a letter-writing campaign to get these back!

Posted by Paul DiFi.

Not for nothing . . .

. . . are we the inferior 4!

The simple adding of a site counter to this blog has proved beyond our combined abilities!  The mere attempt left us reeling in defeat.  Lucius went off for a smoke in Spain; Liz fled for festivities in Finland; Paul DiFi was in danger of difibrillation, and your's truly was rendered witless!

So we are throwing ourselves upon the mercy of our superiors -- our readers!  If there's an expert in livejournal who can help us add a counter, and thus patch together the tattered shreds of our self-respect, then please respond!