July 29th, 2007

"The kids don't seem to mind"

The Guardian's Sean O'Hagan posts his Top 10 R&R clips from Youtube. Some great stuff, especially Iggy's notorious 1970 crowdwalk, which the live TV newsman broadcasts as though it were a moonwalk. Absolutely pricelss. Ditto a surreal clip from a 60s girl group called The Cake, which is like a Keane painting brought to life and has to be seen to be believed. The one girl looks like a human Tuinal.

Also: Neil Young busking in Glasgow in 1976, a pre-Grohl Nirvana playing in someone's living room, and an eerie performance by Joy Division — Ian Curtis looks as though he's dancing via remote control


And I'd never seen live clips of Gram Parsons before — god, what a beauty. Check this out as well --


I think the first responsibility of the Human Genome Project is to resurrect this guy. I know — it's been done, but NOT DONE RIGHT.

Posted by Inferior 4th Liz Hand