August 10th, 2007

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The Gold Standard

[IF, January 1954, artist Kelly Freas illustrating Evan Hunter's "Malice in Wonderland"]

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Now let me point out something vital missing from today's SF: any stories that allow a shirtless guy wearing striped pants and space-cowboy boots, and clutching a hypodermic needle, to frug with a topless woman wearing fishnets and heels. And also the lack of Kelly Freas, ghod rest his soul, to illustrate said story.

I plan to remedy this lack of suitable text at the first opportunity. As for cloning Freas, that's beyond my powers.

Posted by Paul DiFi.

when you're pushed to it, killing is as easy as breathing....

That's the kind of shit us Americans like to hear, cause if killing was hard, ol'Saddam be walking around with a broke neck and talking trash and we wouldn't be making it rain bodyparts in I-raq, now would we?

This time, the great-great grandson of the poet maudit is trying to rescue hapless Christians from sadistic Burma boys...

I'm so there...!