August 15th, 2007

  • lizhand

More cool stuff for hot days

The 20-minute film adaptation of Jeff VanderMeer's SHRIEK: An Afterward, is available as a free download, with a great score by The Church.

In the itnerst of full disclosure: I'm listed in the credits but believe me, if you blink you will miss it (a still photo of me brooding at the computer). Then again, maybe there's some sort of subliminal advertising embedded in there. Either way, it's a really cool movie, reminiscent of "La Jetee."

the best stories I heard last week

When John Kerry came to Nantucket during his campaign, he went windsurfing in the harbor and was seen zig-zagging back and forth in front of an incoming ferry, impeding his progress and endangering his own life. The coast guard was called. When they approached, Kerry asked indigantly if they knew who he was. Yes, sir, they replied. "I'm the guy who writes your checks," Kerry told them when he was advised to set a course parallel to the ferry, not crossing in front of it. Not for much longer if you keep on the way you're going, said the cutter captain. Kerry's wife, Teresa Heinz Ward, Kerry's heiress wife, topped him. She became certain that a bomb had been placed in their Nantucket house and demanded the place be swept for explosives. So the coast guard had a bomb-sniffing dog flown in. When they appeared at the Kerry house, Ward came to the door and looked aghast at the dog. "I'm not letting a dog in my house," she said. "Don't you have any humans trained to do this job?"

Hillary Clinton was on Nantucket not long ago. She constantly snapped at the Coast Guard and Secret Service, admonishing them on several occasions not to watch her while she was eating. "That lady is batshit," one coast guard official told me. She ordered them to move the cutter out of her sight. "I didn't come here to look at ugly white boat with a red stripe," she said. During her stay, the island was socked in with weather and she called the coast guard. "I'm advised that the A&P is out of skinless, boneless chicken breasts," she said. "What is the coast guard's plan?"

Given that this is indicative of my theory (and that of many others) that the rich have been made stupid by power and possessions, and that our leaders, all being wealthy, are basically idiots....I mean, what hope do we have of settling the various messes we're in? I hope to be far, far away from the US when the next election rolls around. I don't need all that noise in my head.
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Introduction to Lesser-Known Icons

Several years ago, in my perpetual rummaging through old magazines for collage material, I began to notice various unremembered advertising mascots, spokespeople and symbols that I came to think of as "lesser-known icons." These creations of Madison Avenue (or of the boss's nephew) had once been utilized to promote a particular product or service, in the hopes that a catchy, readily identifiable character would make said item for sale stand out.

But it is not the fate of every single ad icon to become the Michelin Man or the Pilsbury Doughboy or Mrs. Butterworth. No, these forgotten corporate mascots were probably destined for oblivion almost as soon as they debuted. Although some--like the penguin who used to advertise Kool cigarettes--lasted for a fair length of time and achieved a slight notoriety.

But for the most part these mascots were unattractive or ridiculous or bland miscegenations and abominations and lame-oids, destined for obscurity.

In other words, perfect material for the Inferior Four + 1 blog!

I began to clip these icons and assemble them into collages. I now have over thirty such sheets.

And you're about to see them here, in all their glory.