August 17th, 2007

  • lizhand


J. Hoberman's Village Voice roundup of 1960s film psychedelia seemed like a nice counterpoint to Paul DiFi's ongoing chronicle of 60s iconic literature.,hoberman,77498,20.html

It also sent me back to ubuweb in search of Kenneth Anger's "Invocation of my Demon Brother," which, sadly, has been removed.

For those of you who have never checked it, Ubuweb is an absolutely mindblowing website — the avant-garde Youtube, as some wag puts it — free downloads and streaming audio/video of avant-garde film, art, and readings, from the Surrealists to the Beats to the punks to contemporary writers like Rick Moody (not someone I'd have pegged as avant-garde, but what the hell).

This is probably the coolest online resource I know of — it's like losing yourself in a museum of 20th/21st century art and music and culture. The only downside is you could get lost in there forever. But you'd be in great company.

(To give you an idea of what's available, I closed my eyes and chose something at random — a 67-minute documentary by iconoclast filmmaker Jonas Meeks on the last days of Allen Ginsberg. There's also nonstop 24/7 streaming avant radio, interviews, readings by Samuel Beckett and Antonin Artaud, films galore — it's incredible. I love it.)
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Lesser-known Icons 3

You know the drill by now about two clicks = eyecandy!

I must say that the horse that advertises spark plugs looks particularly evil and demented. In every ad I've seen in which it features, sometimes as a pair of horses, it conjures up visions of the Night Mare.