August 24th, 2007


The new issue of subterranean magazine includes my novella Vacancy and has great stories by M. Rickert, Rick Bowes, Jeff Ford, Anna Tambor, Joel Lane and John Pelan, Lisa Tuttle, and Terry Bisson.

Give it a look.

BTW, I titled my novella before becoming aware of the lame-ass Owen Wilson evil motel snuff flick movie of the same name, and I wasn't about to change it...
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The Dark Knights Who Say "Ni!"

[Upper: COUNTDOWN #36, written by Paul Dini and Tony Bedard]
[Lower: BATMAN #668, written by Grant Morrison]

Two comics, both released on August 22, reveal Batman to be suffering from a bizarre Tourette's-like syndrome.

Or else the Joker has stolen many of Gotham's vowels.

Posted by Paul DiFi.