September 18th, 2007

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I remember when they had those lame Marvel cartoons with primitive animation in the 70s, I knew all the theme songs and would irritate my bandmates by singing them while driving from Kalamazoo to Muskegon or whatever midwestern oasis awaited us. My favorite, of course, was the Hulk. Any lyric that rhymes "gamma rays" with "unglamorous" gets my attention. And who can forget...

"When Captain America throws his mighty shield,
All those who oppose his shield must yield...."

Eat your heart out, Bob Dylan.

I even dug Submariner, the lamest song of them all. But I noticed they never did Iron Man. If did If they did, they probably would have recycled the Hulk song.

Iron man, Iron man...
Does whatever a tin can can...

I didn't mind they didn't do Iron Man. It was a pretty cruddy comic. And now comes a movie that to equal it...

Does Robert Downey really cobble together a hi-tech supersonic zoot suit while in terrorist jail? Wasn't Iron Man impaired? A wasting disease or something? Maybe they felt Downey's substance abuse was impairment enough.

Oh, well...
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Lesser-known Icons 14

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This is one of my favorite collages in this series.

Four cigar girls riding a phallic symbol!

A canary cop!

The pussilanimous Paragon Pete!

The bad-ass Black Flag pirate!

Madison Avenue, you had me at "Perfecto!"

Posted by Paul DiFi.

Los Bye-Bye

I'm catching a redeye to Dallas tonight, then heading south. Will be back in a week if I'm lucky, more if I'm not. Two weeks max. Most likely I'll be out of touch, but if I come across an electrical outlet and a computer, I'll check in.

Y'all have fun.

And now, a little traveling music.