September 25th, 2007

Beach zombification project

So I made my way down to the work site last night under the light of the nearly full moon, only to discover that the replenishment project is being staffed by zombies.  I managed to get a few good shots before the workers came shambling after me -- thank God these were the old-fashioned slow-moving zombies and not the speedier modern kind!

Here's a bulldozer at work -- or should I call it a zombidozer?  Note the sickly greenish hue . . .

Below is what I call "the cage" -- it's attached to a length of pipe and is clearly meant to contain a human being, but whether buried beneath the sand or the surf, I do not know . . . or want to know.

Here's a shot of the pipes, with a zombidozer in the background.  I believe this is the moment my presence was discovered.

Here we have the zombies lurching across the sand in my direction.  If I hadn't skedaddled, I think I may have discovered the use of "the cage" up close and personal . . .