September 28th, 2007

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PUNCH 0.00

[Click to enlarge, and then again, for a delightful look at Mr. Punch]

My history of reading PUNCH magazine began roughly in 1976, when Deborah bought me a membership in the Providence Athenaeum library, to which we still belong today.

Their periodicals room featured many exotic (for those pre-internet days) magazines, one of which was PUNCH.

Although a lot of the topical UK references eluded me, the general humor was always enjoyable. I particularly recall laughing at the regular column which made fun of "Franglais," that pidgin tongue.

I read PUNCH up until its demise in 1992, a solid fifteen years, and retained fond memories of it.

Thus, yesterday, my eye was immediately drawn to two bound volumes of this magazine covering the whole year of 1928, while I was browsing the cheap racks at Brattle Books in Boston.

I really didn't need more books in the house. But their physical beauty (see the cover scan above) and the inherent melancholy of these discarded volumes and their low price ($3.00 apiece!) induced me to buy them. I felt like Nicholson Baker saving the bound volumes of the NEW YORK WORLD:

Inside, the pages were just as delightful as the bindings, chock-a-block with text and illos.

While I certainly don't have time to read these, I can at least look at random cartoons.

So that's what I'm going to do, reproducing a cartoon now and again for your viewing pleasure.

If anyone ever asks you what made Edwardians laugh, you'll be prepared to answer.

Posted by Paul DiFi.
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PUNCH 1.00

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I'm not sure what the vogue for "reflected portraits" entailed, but whenever someone confuses a picture of a snooty old woman with one of her silly little dog, it's a recipe for a laugh.

Posted by Paul DiFi.



Sometime in the recent past, I was talking about Southland Tales. Here's the trailer:

This is actually the third official trailer I've seen. The last was very staid. The first was whacko. THis is kind of in the middle. Anyway, there some clips from the movie on youtube...