October 8th, 2007

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Naughty Raymond

Long before Lara Croft existed as an exemplar of a female adventurer, we had Dale Arden, girlfriend to Flash Gordon.

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Although often in peril, Dale was no coward, wimp or shrinking violet. She accompanied Flash bravely on all his adventures, often saving the day.

And never looking less than sexy, as she flowed from the incomparable brush of Alex Raymond.

Surely over the decades, hundreds of thousands of boys and men fell in love with Dale, and--as men will--imagined her in even less clothing than Raymond frequently attired her in.

I doubt Raymond ever drew Dale nude, but here's the next-best thing: a different nude woman from his pen

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This image derives from BLUE BOOK magazine dated February 1937. And although the credit line goes to "Alec Raymond," it's impossible for anyone who has ever seen a single panel of FLASH GORDON to doubt this to be the work of Alex Raymond.

And in fact, the stimulating essay linked-to below mentions Raymond's work for BLUE BOOK, as well as featuring more great artwork.


I wouldn't be at all surprised if Craig Yoe features work by Raymond in his forthcoming book:

Amazon link: http://tinyurl.com/292zhh

Posted by Paul DiFi.

Pimping the book..

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I have to do this every now and then. This is the cover of my new short story collection, Dagger Key, available from PS Publishing. The cover is by JK Potter, intro by China Mieville, including an original novella, a pirate story...which is the subject of the cover illo.