October 9th, 2007

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Lesser-known Icons 20

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All my other collages are pasted up on regular 8.5" x 11" paper. But I was so awed by the magnificence of King Can that I wanted him to be reproduced full-sized. But also I wanted to give him some courtiers. So I pasted together two sheets for a twenty-inch-long tapestry, here sundered in two for scanning purposes.

The "Skippy" character was once a very famous comics character. Read about him here:


Why did Elsie the Cow go on to fame and fortune, while Brooksie went nowhere?

Wouldn't it be great to write a horror story involving "Mr. Stubb, Mr. Big and Mr. Long"...? They own a Procrustean Bed, and.....

Posted by Paul DiFi.

Playboy Article

So in my mailbox today was the November issue of Playboy, containing my piece on Chuck Liddell, so I assume it's on the newstands, which means all of you who've expressed interest in "reading the article" should hie ye to the news stand and grab one and be assiduous in avoiding looking at the airbrushed body parts. This is the fucked-up sports issue. There's Liddell, who's lost his last two fights; there's an interview with NFL quarterback Matt Leinerd, who just broke his collarbone and is out for the season, and a photo spread in which the ex-mistress of steroid-abuser Bobby Bonds reveals all. It's kind of hilarious. There is, however, a teriffic photograph of Liddell at the head of the article.

Playboy has had a story of mine in inventory for over a year entitled The Company He Keeps--they haven't run it because, I've learned, it's too long to fit in easily. Maybe next year.