October 12th, 2007

Paul W Anderson speaks and etc.

Here's a couple of quotes I picked off the web regarding Anderson's upcoming remake of The Long Good Friday....

"...And the story is a great story with a great twist in it. And it's pretty remarkable that your lead character is a gangster and you really root for him. I think it's a great movie for a remake, because outside of the UK it's virtually unknown and it was very much a movie of its time."


"But the structure will be exactly the same, but instead of the grimy east end bathhouse it’ll be the super sleek pool at the Delano hotel."

Oh. My. God. It's worse than I thought. This guy can't even speak coherently. His native language must be comprised of grunts and whistles and exaggerated facial expressions.


Some more news about my movie in Brazil next June. The format, as mentioned, is to be a expedition to Brasilia from another dimension or plane or something. The expedition will include an artist, a filmmaker, a writer (moi), a cook, a historian, a philosopher, and a musician. The director has decided to ask Jon Spencer (of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion) to participate, which I think is extremely cool.

I've also learned that Brasilia is the center of UFO studies in Brazil and is home to two cults of note, one--the League of Goodwill--of which attempt to save street kids through a religion that's a mishmash of Marxism, Christianity, Babylonian and Egyptian iconography, and UFOlogy. The other cult is located in a nearby village named the Valley of the Dawn. The entire population are converts to a religion that blends medieval Sephardic Judaism with the worship of extraterrestrials. Both have huge and uniquely decorated temples. Who needs science fiction?