October 18th, 2007

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Lesser-known Icons 21

[With one mouse action--bigness!]

* Now whenever you eat a turtle candy, you will picture the act of killing a monocle-wearing, tuxedo-clad amphibian.

* Before the Big Pitcher of Kool-Aid mascot, there was the "Kool-Aid Kid." Did he retire, or did the Pitcher drown him within its glass body and dispose of the corpse?

* Is the Hula Girl for Red Breast supposed to possess a "red breast," ie, tanned bosom?

* Is there a name for the iconography where the character has an oversized head on a diminuitive body, like the Sexton Foods Waitress?

Posted by Paul DiFi.
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[Click to enlarge]

When I discovered the extinct antique gambling medium of punchboards a few years ago, I was so charmed with them that I incorporated them into my novella A YEAR IN THE LINEAR CITY.

Recently I encountered the photo above, from LIFE MAGAZINE for April 21, 1952, and was moved to look online for more information. Here's a great site:


How much more charming than a monitor showing Keno numbers!

Posted by Paul DiFi.