October 21st, 2007

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Ti-Gus and Ti-Mousse

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Nothing is more alien than the pop culture of another country. And nothing is more alien beyond THAT than the ANCIENT nostalgic pop culture of another country.

(Parenthetically, I often feel when reading science fiction novels that purport to deliver "thick description" of an invented culture that they fall down on the job when it comes to conveying any nostalgically remembered invented past for the natives.)

The image above (sorry for the flash glare!) is of a vinyl album I recently purchased at a 3-for-a-dollar sale. It's a major-label release--Columbia--and yet it's a totally foreign artifact, as if from another planet.

Don't you just love that guy's Lou-Costello-vibe, and porkpie hat?

As near as I can make out, Ti-Gus (Real Beland) and Ti-Mousse (Denise Emond) were a singing comedy duo up in Quebec, back in the day. But there's not a single web page in English devoted to them, although there are many French ones.

I listened to the first side of this album without understanding a word. The jokes fly in a rapid-fire back and forth, interrupted by the ocassional Dixieland-sounding musical number. The female half of the team seems to get off as many zingers as the male member. The live theater audience laughs and applauds with enthusiasm. And so were the hours pleasantly whiled away in the Great White North some thirty, forty, fifty years ago.

Here's what I'm going to do: I will send this album gratis to the first person to request it by sending me email, not a comment post:

pgdf at cox dot net

You may or may not know that I do mail art on all my packages.


That may be a plus or a minus for you!

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Slightly Scarlet

I just added this movie to my Netflix queue at Number 20. But if I watch this trailer a few more times, SLIGHTLY SCARLET might get bumped to Number 1.

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