October 25th, 2007

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The original Roller Boogie

Deborah and I watched SHALL WE DANCE the other night, the film from which the clip below comes.


I was reminded of the old feminist bumpersticker: "Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, except backwards and in high heels." The writer should have mentioned roller skates.

But of course, that soundbite, while catchy, was and remains utterly false. The vast majority of their dance routines featured them both facing the same way, and emulating or echoing each other's moves while oriented both toward the camera. And Ginger often wore flats or slight heels.

But of course, propaganda is inevitably distortion of truth.

In any case, enjoy this great clip. One online source claims this number took one-hundred-and-fifty takes to perfect!

Posted by Paul DiFi.

New Pornographers Redux

How many times can one man blog about The New Pornographers? I have not yet decided the answer to this question. Meanwhile, I saw the Pornos last night with my buddies Dan and Chris, and it was the best show by far I've ever seen from them -- and I've seen some great ones, most recently on July 4th, down in Battery Park.

The Pornos are touring in support of their new album, Challengers, which I think keeps up to the high standard set by their previous release, Twin Cinema. If you're a fan of guitar-driven indie-pop that's witty and intelligent and manages to be both odd and replete with hooks, then these two albums are must-owns. A.C. Newman is the main songwriter and singer, with reclusive genius Dan Bejar of Destroyer contributing and singing 3 or 4 songs per album--always my favorites--and the sublime Neko Case on vocals. Here's the Pornos doing the amazing "Myriad Harbor" from Challengers, a paen to New York City with Bejar on vocals:

And here, by unpopular demand, a few of my crapcam pix from last night:



Dan Bejar playing "The Spirit of Giving."  Thanks, Dan!

Neko Case and AC Newman rock on obliviously as drummer incandesces