November 7th, 2007

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Sixties Novels, Part 42

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OH, YOU WRETCH! HARRY MILES, John M. Schwarz, Grove, 1967.

Not too much to say about this entry. The author has disappeared into a black hole, so far as the internet is concerned. The novel has no reputation even as a campy cult item. Consider it an example of the commodification of hipness.

The book, a mild-seeming satire about the "rebellion" of a solid middle-class citizen surely resonated a lot more strongly circa 1967 than it would today, when your local high-school teacher might very well be a fugitive in Mexico with her 12-year-old lover.

Note the 75 cents price on the paperback. As we learn here:

"What cost $.75 in 1967 would cost $4.50 in 2006."

So why are mass-market paperbacks $6.99 and up? The extra money's not going to me!

This has to be one of the few titles in literary history with an exclamation mark embedded in the middle with grammatical correctness.

Posted by Paul DiFi.