November 10th, 2007

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Lesser-known Icons 27

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Surely you've heard of the expression, "He couldn't punch his way out of a paper bag." Well, how about a paper towel (not quite a bag, admittedly) that punches back!

That Sexauer ( I always read "sex auger") donkey logo looks ancient! It seems to date back to an 1880's iconography.

When I was a kid there existed a series of books featuring photographs of live puppies and kittens dressed in clothes and posed in tableaus. Does anyone else recall these, or know the name of the series? In any case, that's what the travelers check "smart copy cat" reminds me of.

Mr. Leering Rau Fastener Head is scary.

"How many floors could a pine cone wash, if a pine cone could wash floors?"

What if you were a powerful wizard like Gandalf, say, and all anybody wanted from you was to fix wonbly furniture?

Posted by Paul DiFi.