November 11th, 2007

Back at the beach!

Yes, I'm back in Middlesex Beach, working away . . .  It doesn't look like there will be any swimming on this trip, alas.  A polar bear, I ain't!  But I thought I would mosey on down to the Bethany Beach boardwalk and check out the results of the beach replenishment project that I was posting about through September.  Apparently, a slight miscalculation resulted in the level of the new dunes being above the level of the old boardwalk.  It's true!  Below is an eye-level shot of what one sees as one reclines in one of the benches set along the boardwalk for viewing purposes:

Can you say "Oops!"?

And for those wondering what's become of my hermetically sealed pal Flat Stephen, here he is posing with the bizarre totem-pole-like sculpture that greets visitors to Bethany Beach: